How easyfind works

easyfind in the Lost Property office

The easyfind web client is available for lost property offices in German, French, Italian and English. Some benefits of using the easyfind solution are:

  • Easy logging of enquiries, objects found and records of found property
  • Categorisation of objects found
  • Comprehensive nationwide search
  • Automatically generated letters and reminders
  • Inventory management with barcodes
  • Generation of statistics and analyses
  • Extensive configuration of respites, letter drafts and fees

All information about items lost and found, finders and owners of lost property is stored in a central database and all entries from participating regions are included in the search to provide a high hit rate. The result is shorter storage times and a quick recovery to the rightful owner.

Each lost property office has the data sovereignty of the data from their respective region (enquiries and records of found property), and even though all participating offices can do an overall search, they only have limited access to the records of other regions to keep sensitive information secure.

Interested? We are happy to give you further information about how your organization can be part of the nationwide Swiss Lost Property Service. Please do not hesitate to contact us: