I have found something!

The item has an easyfind code

If you find an item of property with an easyfind code you can inform the owner directly by leaving a message. In addition or as an alternative you can hand in the item to your local lost property office or police station.

General information for finders and items without an easyfind code

If you find an item of property please hand it in to the nearest lost property office or police station.

If you find an item of property in an occupied house or a public building or facility, please hand it over to the owner of the house or a person with supervisory capacity.

The same rule applies to items of property found on trains or at railway stations or bus terminals. Please hand over such items to a member of staff belonging to the public transport authority (e.g. SBB).

You can check the exact legal regulations by reading Section 720 and following subsections of the Swiss Civil Code:


For Liechtenstein the following laws apply:

Art. 191 Property Law

If the owner of a lost property cannot be determined the finder shall earn the property after the expiry of five years.

If the property is returned to its owner the finder is entitled to a refund of all its expenses as well as to a finder’s reward.
If lost property is found inside an occupied residential building or in a facility for public use or traffic purposes, then its landlord, tenant or entity is considered the finder, but has no title to a finder’s reward.

Art. 69 Ordinance to the Property Law

The finder’s reward is 10% of the value of the lost property.

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